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A great steak

I think Gordon Ramsay is nothing short of an artist. I have admirred him as a chef for some time. He is the perfect blend of mechanical autocrat and culinary explorer. And I think he is a very fair person. … Continue reading

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Ztohoven I learned about these guys on Art News Blog. Messed up! Scaremongering Czech Artists – Ztohoven A group of 6 Czech artists that call themselves Ztohoven facepossible prison time after being acused of scaremongering and propagating falseinformation. In June … Continue reading

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The Office

“People always say like ‘don’t be edgy’ but I don’t know any other way.” I love The Office. “Yeah, you get it.”

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Mad Men

Oh, here is the Mad Men blog. – This is great! I especially like the last line – “Sterling Cooper has more failed artists and intellectuals than the Third Reich.”

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Ad Art

I went to school for Graphic Design and received my degree in 1999 from Columbia College Chicago. I have enormous respect for advertising art. As a Warhol sycophant, it stands to reason that I would appreciate advertising. As a trained … Continue reading

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