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Mat and Lanny, from Arks fame, have a new musical vehicle that is making it’s maiden voyage this Monday night. Show the one sheet! Here is the email I got: Builder/Destroyer will test the mighty waters of the Empty Bottle … Continue reading

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Arks Review The review is positive for Arks, otherwise, I wouldn’t have posted it. This writer is about the biggest self-important tool I’ve had the displeasure of reading since I drunkenly read Ann Coulter’s second book. Can you wink and nudge … Continue reading

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Arks is dead

I went to the last show of Arks tonight and I am sad. I don’t mean sad like when someone has a bad day. I mean sad as in a pulling at the heart-strings. I am longing for them and … Continue reading

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Pitchfork on Arks I don’t read Pitchfork much so I am not used to this style of writing. Honestly, I have no freaking idea what is being said in this review. I think it’s good.

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Arks My good friends, Mat Biscan and Glenn Rischke, have a band that needs to be heard. And that introduction should in no way take away from the objective love and admiration that I want to display for this … Continue reading

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