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Hey all, I haven’t bragged on my wife in awhile. She’s become an amazing photographer and I am immensely proud of her. She also runs a blog of her work:

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I’m Engaged

This incredible woman is going to be my wife.

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My Amanda is quite an Engineer!

Okay, this is art related. My girlfriend, Amanda, is a very talented knitter and kicks a lot of butt at the sewing machine too! Check out her work on her blog – So, she has applied her craft to … Continue reading

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Amanda’s Liquor Painting

(Amanda is typing everything I say for this post, I am a hunt and pecker and she had a psychotic typing teacher in 8th grade. Therefore, she is a lot faster typer than me) This painting has been hanging on … Continue reading

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Evil Squirrel Revisited

Amanda hated the photo I posted of Evil Squirrel, so she took it upon herself to take a new one.

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Evil Squirrel

I have two bad pictures of a little painting I made recently. They are of the evil squirrel. Amanda was attacked by a squirrel whilst trying to put garbage in our dumpster. He lunged at her and she escaped unharmed … Continue reading

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