Alexander Rodchenko

My friend Aaron was asking me if I knew about Rodchenko today. I do know who he is. He has been one of my heroes since college.

Uh, what do I say. The guy is awesome – graphic designer, painter, sculptor and photographer. The man declared that he ended painting for crying out loud.

“I reduced painting to its logical conclusion and exhibited three canvases: red, blue, and yellow. I affirmed: this is the end of painting.”

This guy was the perfect artist for the Soviet Revolution. Such a declaration set forth a philosophy parallel to the Communist cause. Art would be for the good of the revolution.

I have a poster print of the following image on my wall right now:

This piece is remarkable. All of it was done by hand. Yes, he was a photographer, but this is not a photo montage. Those are illustrated faces, cameras and an eye. That detail makes the piece more real somehow. It’s not the perfect symmetry that you’d get from reversing a photo.

Philosophically, he is representing the order the communist way that Russia was striving for. They don’t want clones, but they want everyone to be equal. This technique advances that idea.

I’m sure I’ll talk about him some more some other day.
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  1. Copernicus says:

    You may be interested to know there is a film out on DVD which I made a few years ago. Its called “Alexander Rodchenko and the Russian Avant-garde”. Its part of a 6 part series about the Russian Avant-garde of the 1920s and 30s. For more information have a look at

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