New from Brandon Bird

My man has knocked some new ones right the hell out of the park!

Hell yeah, that’s Schwimmer!

Here is the email update I got:

“What Nat Saw”:

“Mr. Noodle”:

“Bam Thwop”:

“Pax Cybertronia”:

They’re from the “One to Grow On” show at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, which has been extended through June 10th (

If you’re interested in buying an original, they’re the ones to call (after the 10th, you could try haggling with me).

And, through July 5th, I’m having a GIANT SUMMER PRINT SALE (maybe not “giant,” but most small- and medium-sze prints are $5 – $10 off):

I am also proud of these glossy, lower-priced “Lazy Sunday” posters:

Next art show is “Crazy for Cult 2” at the end of August. See you then!


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1 Response to New from Brandon Bird

  1. Aaron Jones says:

    I like Pax Cybertronia, my fave of his is the one with Lincoln fighting.

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