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Some Kelly Koeppel stuff I found

I know I’ve told y’all about my friend Kelly before. I just came acrossed some of her photos she sent me awhile back. Here is the email she sent me and Becky Kinder for a description: “I just wanted to … Continue reading

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Tomby Freaking awesome stuff! Essence captured! I really want to have Amanda do a cross-stich pillow of each of these.

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Eric Fensler

Note: I am reposting this because I was explaining it to some friends who hadn’t seen the videos before and now, they’ll be easy to find. Originally posted: 9/10/07 Eric Fensler is an old friend. He is an old aquaintence, … Continue reading

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Mat and Lanny, from Arks fame, have a new musical vehicle that is making it’s maiden voyage this Monday night. Show the one sheet! Here is the email I got: Builder/Destroyer will test the mighty waters of the Empty Bottle … Continue reading

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New from Brandon Bird

My man has knocked some new ones right the hell out of the park! Hell yeah, that’s Schwimmer! Here is the email update I got: “What Nat Saw”: “Mr. Noodle”: “Bam Thwop”: “Pax Cybertronia”: They’re from the “One to … Continue reading

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