Amanda’s Liquor Painting

(Amanda is typing everything I say for this post, I am a hunt and pecker and she had a psychotic typing teacher in 8th grade. Therefore, she is a lot faster typer than me)

This painting has been hanging on my wall for over a year now. Uh… it is a work in progress. And I really should finish it some day.

Uhhh… I started painting this for my girlfriend, Amanda. She wanted a painting. More to the point, I wanted to make her a painting. Except, that I… uh… usually… then anyway…uh… [laugh laugh]… painted… umm… with a socio-political bent. That wasn’t anything that she was interested in and she is my girlfriend. I wanted a certain level of personalism to it. So, I had her pick the topic. Um… she was a bartender at the time that I started this project so she matter-of-fact-ly chose the topic of booze. Ummm… [clear throat] so here is what…. uh… I have so far.

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