Soldier Man details on… Soldier Man

Expounding on Soldier Man

The details of his face have been difficult to deal with.

I don’t always know what I want to portray in the face of the soldier. I don’t know if I want it photorealistic or illustrated or reduced to the flatest of 2-D.

I’m currently opting for somewhere in between.

We can look off past the soldier for a photorealistic look at war’s actuality.

War is all around us. The 2-D soldier becomes a representative icon for war. It is a sign, like a stop sign.

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3 Responses to Soldier Man details on… Soldier Man

  1. I understand the dilemma. I faced the same problem when doing two soldiers in a piece. In the end I made them silhouettes because they were not the moving force being the piece, just the sorry players. I like how this is looking.sending my best for the New Yearcorrine

  2. Jim says:

    Thanks for your input. I think I may do the same. I have since defined the face more and I’m not crazy about it. I think flatter is the ticket.

  3. The flattness in itself says something. While the reality around the soldiers swirl, they become deadened to it. At least that is what is suggests to me 🙂

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