Arks is dead

I went to the last show of Arks tonight and I am sad.

I don’t mean sad like when someone has a bad day. I mean sad as in a pulling at the heart-strings. I am longing for them and I heard their last live song just an hour ago. I am sad at the reality of no more shows – no more songs. God damn! They lit the place on fire.

I came to know about Arks because of my friend, Mat Biscan. It’s his band. He is the bassist.

Mat Biscan is one of my oldest friends. I met him eleven years ago. He was close-talking in a Hawaiian shirt at a Halloween party. I was dressed as Jean Michel Basquiat. We got drunk and laughed too much. I remember the wood paneled kitchen and Mat making pasta by putting hot noodles into cold sauce. It’s weird, the things we remember I mean.

We have been in each other’s lives ever since. Worked together, designed together, played music together – we have an undefinable gravity. We have found each other in many different circles of friends.

This man I call my friend fucking rocked the house tonight. He seemed ten feet tall. Mat played his bass like a second nature – like he’d done this show fifty times before but this one was special. This was the last one. With this band. That did great things.

I was privileged to watch.

I cannot wait for his next project and one is a coming.

I didn’t get to spend any quality time with Glenn tonight. Glenn Rischke is the drummer and I didn’t get to tell him how impressed I was. Not just impressed, but in awe. I don’t know how any normal human being could play those lightning fast syncopated beats. It must be all that marathon training. Freaking ridiculous.

Mat introduced me to Glenn probably ten years ago.

I have said to many people – it is the descriptor line I reference when I think of him – “he is one of the nicest people I have ever known”. I know that is a pedestrian line, but have you ever thought about how hard it is to truly achieve that state because of its simplicity?

He just puts you at peace. When you see him, you want to hug him and that’s a good thing because he also gives hugs that rival my mother’s.

Fucking fantastic drummer.

One of those memories that I have of these guys, you know, those memories that just stick to your brain even if you don’t know why. One of those memories I have is me, Glenn and Mat in the apartment on Augusta. We were playing music – jamming. Glenn and Mat were on guitars and I was on drums. We had this long drawn out 4 – 4 timing thing going that was kind of dreamy and kind of gruff. Mat lead me to a change and I started this march beat that I had been working on. I can’t describe it onomatopoetically. Glenn stopped playing, but Mat kept right on playing with a smile. Glenn went on about how great the beat was. He was so enthralled by my playing that I never forgot it. I go back to that memory from time to time. And that is the guy who fucking tore the walls down tonight. That giant once told me I had a great beat.

Mat and Glenn are simply awesome but I must wag a finger of disappointment. And listen up Lanny and Paul. Though I didn’t know those two at all, I must scold this break-up decision as if I were their parent.

All four of you bastards are fucking up! Stop the bullshit and make more records!

At least that’s how my mom used to yell at me.

This was a great band. I love Mat and Glenn and I am very sad that they are no longer making music together.

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1 Response to Arks is dead

  1. Mat says:

    We’re dead now. x_xGood to have you with us, Jim.

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