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Copycat © #42

…let me explain.

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Women in…

These are fun little exercises. Nice Flash art pieces.

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I am really excited about the new version of Halloween. That was a really scary movie when I was young. The premise was promising according to a healthy serving of commercials. The movie delivered standing (at the foot of … Continue reading

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Milk and Cheese

Milk and Cheese by Evan Dorkin There is a new issue. I haven’t read this yet. My copy is in the mail. I’ll let you know how this new issue is later. I am confident that it will be … Continue reading

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Copycat © #37

…let me explain.

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From the sketch book…

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Brandon Bird

Brandon Bird – This guy is my hero. I really stand in his shadow. He is doing what I want to do. He is effectively creating authentic pop art circa now. Perfect. This is a painting of L. Ron … Continue reading

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Copycat © #26

…let me explain.

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Freaking Awesome

I just found this British illustrator, Craig Atkinson and he is freaking awesome. His work is posted at Unfortunately, his website requires some clicking to get into it but it’s totally worth belaying right into the link wall on … Continue reading

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What was it about green that bugged me so much? For many years, I have hated the color green. It is strange because I unapologetically hated green because of the color of its skin. I couldn’t do anything with it, … Continue reading

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