Becky Kinder

I used to live with Becky. It was about a million… a million and a half years ago. It was 1996-1998 and it was an incredible time. It was college and of all the people I met, I was most thankful for her acquaintance.

Becky and I were drawn to each other like magnets. I’m talking about mind meld. We never argued from opposite sides of a topic and if we did, we cordially educated the other on our points of view. There was always a consensus at the end. I love the friendship we had so very much.

I think I told her this, but I wouldn’t be a painter if it wasn’t for her. I have always been an artist. I mainly worked in illustration. It was Becky who really opened my eyes to painting. She taught me how to stretch canvas. She taught me color theory. She introduced me to masters – she introduced me to Basquiat, Rauschenberg, Johns and Warhol.

I have a million more things to say about Becky and I will in due time. Right now, I want you to see the pure greatness she is capable of.

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